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Code Pink Trip Blog - For Code Pink Baghdad trip blog go to the January 2004 and February 2004 links to see what Linda, Kate, Victoria, Jodie and I wrote about our experience.

Iraq Occupation Watch - Compilation of news and reliable analysis about the U.S. occupation of Iraq.

Global Exchange - Global Exchange is an international human rights organization dedicated to promoting environmental, political and social justice. Check out their reality tours schedule.

Jazz came about through the melding of cultures; as such it epitomizes our shared experience. It's the soundtrack of my life. The KKJZ studio is located on the campus of Cal State Long Beach. In SoCal it's 88.1 on the FM dial or listen on the web. And pledge a little something to keep jazz alive!

My family history from Plymouth Rock to Santa Monica Canyon is online at Rootsweb World Connect. Some individual highlights: escaping the Portuguese in Brazil with the Jewish first families who were hijacked by Spanish pirates and then rescued by a French man-of-war and escorted to New Amsterdam; being banished to Shelter Island; fleeing Puritan hegemony to Nantucket; suffering the Salem witch persecutions; establishing the Episcopal Church; organizing the Underground Railroad; surviving and dying in the Civil War--Pilgrims; Dutch; German Palatines aka Brethren; United Empire Loyalists resettled in Canada; Scots; Quakers, Quakers and more Quakers! The Society of Friends was founded in England in 1652 during a time of great political, economic and religious turmoil. Family records were recorded in the parish churches of the Church of England. Because Quakers were dissenters, their marriages were illegal and their children illegitimate. Early on Quakers realized that they must keep their own accurate records. In the 1930s William Wade Hinshaw compiled Encyclopedia of Quaker Genealogy from North American monthly meeting records dating back to the 17th century, making it relatively easy for me to trace my ancestry. Having 17th c. coastal Massachussetts ancestry helps too, as those records too are excellent and have been mined extensively. Soon the use of DNA in genealogy will tell us how interconnected we all really are.

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